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BIOGTS® Energy introduced advanced bio-biogas technology from Finland to carry out new energy projects and adopt supporting operation modes for different projects in China.

After years of biogas project operation, BIOGTS® Energy has developed a mature operation model, multiple cooperation cases and project experience, and maintained long-term and effective communication and cooperation with many raw material suppliers.

Facing many choices, customers can adopt the cooperative operation mode of investment and management, investment and profit according to their own situation.

From the selection of regional biomass raw materials to how to purchase, where to purchase, how to low cost input, high efficiency return, BIOGTS® Energy can provide customers with the business direction of profit maximization of material selection, feeding, equipment, production, maintenance and other comprehensive services.

For the inside of the factory, experienced engineers and designers of BIOGTS® Energy project master various technologies and applications, can effectively carry out various training modes according to the customer's own characteristics, so as to make the customer master the operation essentials as quickly as possible.

In addition, BIOGTS® Energy professional mentors compiled professional operating guidelines and set up a 24-hour X7 full range of answers and guidance, in the shortest possible time to solve customers' technical operations and on-site problems, so that customers can truly rest assured, at ease, happy.

At the same time, BIOGTS® Energy has expanded multiple cooperation channels and won support from partners in various industries,and helps customers to develop organic fertilizer sales and other businesses to multiple regions abroad, and contribute to environmental protection and increase national GDP.


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