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BIOGTS® equipment can be applied to a variety of raw materials
● Biomass resources represented by straw, contains a variety of feed resources in life, such as: livestock and poultry waste, living garbage, grasses, shells and slag in the process of agricultural and sideline products processing, such as trees and cutting processing residue pile is mainly a variety of trees, branches, roots, leaves and wood shavings, sawdust, chopped wood and forestry processing wastes resources. BIOGTS® equipment ,according to the different kinds of feed resources reasonable feed proportioning, can maximize the different kinds of feed gas production.
BIOGTS® professional raw material storage solutions and pretreatment equipment
● The diversification of biomass resources leads to the need for diversified schemes for raw material storage. Different methods are adopted for storage according to the differences in feedstock. Professional storage technology can maintain the original ecology of feedstock for a long time, so that the raw material does not over-ferment before use, it is easier to ferment in the reaction process and speeds up the reaction speed.Professional pretreatment technology can process crude fiber and longer fiber into the size and shape suitable for biological fermentation reaction, so as to explore the maximum utilization rate of raw materials.
BIOGTS® modular equipment selection
●According to the diversification of biomass resources, BIOGTS® can provide modular equipment type selection.According to the regional where customer belongs to , different types of biomass resources ratio , put forward reasonable suggestions, and select the optimal combination of equipment from the technical angle.BIOGTS® also can realize a variety of biomass feeding, control the degree of wet and dry biomass coordinated, to ensure that raw materials react adequately.
●BIOGTS® patent new type reactor tank has a higher dry material content than the traditional biogas plant solution, even if the use of dry feedstock, there is no need to add liquid, it solves the problems of large amount of biogas slurry, a large number of impurities caused by serious accumulation and floating in the traditional reaction tank process.The new type of reactor tank adopts the automatic process of continuous operation, and it is equipped with remote monitoring function and alarm system. The closed process has zero pollution to the environment. All service operations can be completed outside the reactor tank.The small reactor tank can be moved according to the needs of the site, which provides a fast and convenient method for the plant to carry out various experimental studies.The quantities of reactors tank can be increased or decreased according to the size of the feeding project, so that the reactors tank can be arranged tightly in container style, and the floor area can be rationally used to maximize the output in a reasonable space.
The diversity of BIOGTS® products
● The biogas obtained through the fermentation of biomass resources can be supplied to multiple fields according to different purity which the customers demands. It involves the new energy automobile industry, the gas industry related to people's livelihood, and the gas power generation industry.  In addition, it can not only realize the self-sufficiency of electricity generation and gas for customers, but also bring different degrees of profit to customers.



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